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Last Updated: January 21, 2017

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Written on January 21, 2017 by BlueOrchard

The Much More Mod is a mod for Minecraft that does exactly what it says in that it adds much more to the game. It does this through the addition of new orders, new gems, and new items. This is very useful for times when the player has run out of things to mine and would rather mine different ores and minerals to make mining in the game more fun and enjoyable.

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Last Updated: January 21, 2017

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Last Updated: January 21, 2017
This is a mod called Much More, because this mod add more stuff to minecraft like new ores, new food, new mobs and we are not completed the mod so you can just wait for more like throwing knives and more. so i hope you like the mod :biggrin.gif:DOWNlOAD LINK:Much More Mod Dowload version 0.1 you need modloader!Ores and tools: Laze ore and all tools, Laze tools can destroy 1000 blocks, which means it doesn't destroy as many blocks as diamond but is abit faster. Burst ore and all tools: Burst tools can destroy 2500 blocks, it's as fast as diamond but destroys more blocks. Doddle ore and all tools: Doddle tools can destroy 500 blocks, and is as fast as stone. It's not very rare. Smole ore and all tools: Smole tools can destroy 2500 blocks, and destroys almost as fast as iron. Gunpowder ore: With this ore you can easy get gunpowder you just have to get the ore. How to make it is shown in the recipe section below. Light ore: With this ore you can make a light block, thats a very good block, that can light up your room. How to make it is sho

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